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Tax Preparation
The accurate and prompt preparation of tax returns is of high priority.  The tax returns prepared include individuals, partnerships, corporations and non-profit organizations.  It is important to work with each person, corporation and organization to ensure that they receive the most tax advantageous outcome without creating questionable results.
Jennifer L Ratcliff-Mason, CPA, LLC Services
At Jennifer L Ratcliff-Mason CPA, LLC, I strive to take care in providing my clients with high quality services personalized for their unique needs.
Tax Consulting
Tax preparation is the result of year-long activities and events.  Providing an on-going professional relationship throughout the year may be necessary to ensure that you are not caught off-guard when it comes to preparing your return.  Consulting services enable me to discuss any changes that life may give you in order to possibly reduce your tax burden at the end of the year.
Payroll Services
Filing requirements pertaining to payroll include both Federal and State returns.  Accurate preparation of quarterly 941s and TWC Unemployment Tax Returns are services provided.  Also provided is the preparation of year-end returns including W2s, 1099s, and Form 940.

For small business, payroll calculation and processing is an additional service provided.
Bookkeeping Services
Need help with your daily accounts receivable, accounts payable and bank reconciliations?  This office provides that day-to-day assitance, as well as assistance with QuickBooks (desktop and online versions).  Setting up an office correctly in QuickBooks can provide savings on other necessary business requirements such as tax return preparation and payroll services.  As a QuickBooks Pro Advisor, I am able to help with that initial setup, or if your business is already using QuickBooks, I can then provide guidance on any questions on ways to make the software work for you.